12. 06. – 04. 07. 2020
Anna Ådahl / The Power of Flow. The Flow of Power
Bogomir Doringer / I Dance Alone: Crowds and Gestures
Clemens v. Wedemeyer /


Anna Ådahl, Bogomir Doringer, Clemens v. Wedemeyer

PYLON-Lab is excited to announce it’s upcoming group show MASS, opening on June 12th. The exhibition presents selected video works by Anna Ådahl, Bogomir Doringer and Clemens v. Wedemeyer, which raise questions of the conditions and the complexity of structures between the individual and the collective, (semi-) private and public spaces, as well as different modes of the flow and control of the human body in the 21st century. In the light of not only the global coronavirus pandemic, but the protests against police brutality and racism that are taking place worldwide at the moment, the works of the exhibition serve hauntingly accurate as a survey of different mechanisms of society and its digital manifestation. The events of the recent months and weeks clearly demonstrated the complexity of human society; how actions of few individuals can impact and entail repercussions on an entire population, although they are most likely symptomatic of its defaults and underlying issues from the get-go. Sadly, society often prefers to heal symptoms rather than fight causes, doesn’t it? (Self-)isolation of the recent months might extrinsically contrast the mass protests we currently see in the streets and on the news, but both aspects intrinsically demonstrate a predominant urge of the people to solidarise as a collective and help demonstrating the crowd’s power as a regulatory mechanism. The interdependence between individual and collective evoke questions of how the individual navigates through society as part of a conscient crowd, or an automatic mass. The exhibition reflects on the modes of how humans move through space and time as both individual parts of society and as a collective and how technology has become a dissecting and controlling mechanism of these movements. By means of new media, Ådahl, Doringer and v. Wedemeyer document, analyse and translate different strategies of using the human body – natural or digital -, as an operative element in crowds and society as a complex structure. The exhibition will be open every Friday from 4pm – 7pm and by appointment. Contact for viewings during the exhibition duration. Do not forget to bring a mask, please. Please note the current restrictions and advice by the public infection protection ordinance passed by the Saxon State Government. We look forward to welcome you healthy at PYLON-Lab. The exhibition is in cooperation with Hellerau/HYBRID and is kindly supported by Kulturstiftung des Freistaat Sachsen, by Landeshauptstadt Dresden – Amt für Kultur und Denkmalschutz, by Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden and by KP Media.

Anna Ådahl
Bogomir Doringer
Clemens v. Wedemeyer

„In today’s hyperindividualised society, we tend to forget that we are part of a larger whole, a community, a crowd.“ (Anna Ådahl)

Since 2005 the notion of crowd has been central in the artistic practice of Anna Ådahl. With references to Elias Canetti and Gabriel Tarde and their discourse on the relation between the individual and the crowd, Ådahl has investigated the formation of the crowd with the arrival of industrialism, as seen in Busby Berkeley’s mass choreographies and Siegfried Kracauer’s reflections on the urban crowd, in The Mass Ornament from 1995.
 Ådahl works investigates the aesthetic and political vocabulary of crowd simulation software and seeks to map the correlations between the crowd, new technologies and today’s capitalist system through notions such as ”flow” and ”the default character”.
 PYLON-Lab presents two new video works by Ådahl that are informed by her research on crowds during her PhD at the Royal College of Art, London she started in 2015.

The film The Power of Flow. The Flow of Power (2020) addresses how different terms and notions of flows has being transmuted into seductive biopolitical tools to enhance, or rather subsume the crowd into the accelerated 24/7 society we are currently living in where our bodies and collective gesture are potentially optimised to effectively perform-produce-consume.