Dark Matters
14. 08. – 18. 08. 2021
Dark Matters

Dark Matters

Thomas Taube

PYLON-Lab is excited to present "Dark Matters" (2014) by artist Thomas Taube as an online screening.

The film will be on view from August 14 until August 18 and is simultaneously part of the screening program INSOMNIA, curated by PYLON and currently on view at the physical premises of TICK TACK Antwerp, Belgium, where it is on view until August 28.

The screening program INSOMNIA features video works of seven international artists:

Yalda Afsah

Mit Borrás

Steffen Goldkamp

Vika Kirchenbauer

Thomas Taube

Jeroen Van der Stock

Tobias Zielony

INSOMNIA deals with different levels of reality as well as the phenomenal and psychological processes associated with the night and the motif of sleep. The films portray notions of isolation and solitude, restlessness, subculture and the occult, as they question the twilight states of in-betweenness – the interstice between logic and the delusion.

A selection of films will be streamed here on our website during the month of August:

4th - 8th | "ADAPTASI CYCLE - ARCYRIA" by Mit Borrás

9th - 13th | "After Two Hours, Ten Minutes Had Passed" by Steffen Goldkamp

14th - 18th | "Dark Matters" by Thomas Taube

19th - 23rd | "Night Horse" by Jeroen Van der Stock

24th - 28th | "Al-Akrab" by Tobias Zielony

Dark Matters

In „Dark Matters“, Taube approaches the remote state of a distant night, by investigating and collecting various evening experiences and their atmospheric perspectives. The film shares individual observations and personal encounters at night, following Taube’s interviews with night guards at eight different places around the world.

The conditions during these absent periods of time, a set up that isn’t entered by many, their self-observation and observation of others, becomes the script of the film: In reports, anecdotes, nightmares, fears and fantasies, the respondents communicate the night as a type of state, as a sum of hours, as a shelter or danger zone, or simply as darkness.

Taube succeeds in distilling the individual responses and feelings and translates them into simple and strange pictures played by a single protagonist. The character developed from this multi-layered personality is one that cannot be fully grasped. The sense of darkness and loneliness places everything under the spell of self-observation and elevation. „Dark Matters“ plays the aftermath that lies beyond the conventional or mystical encounters that one may experience in the shadow world. The night becomes the state of the figure; the darkness has penetrated their existence and now both have formed the nature of the isolated protagonist.