04. 08. – 08. 08. 2021


Mit Borrás

PYLON-Lab is pleased to present "ADAPTASI CYCLE - ARCYRIA" (2021) by visual artist Mit Borrás, as an online screening.

The film will be on view until August 8, 2021.

The film is simultaneously part of the screening program INSOMNIA, curated by PYLON and currently on view at the physical premises of TICK TACK Antwerp, Belgium, where it is on view until August 28, 2021.

The screening program INSOMNIA features video works of seven international artists:

Yalda Afsah

Mit Borrás

Steffen Goldkamp

Vika Kirchenbauer

Thomas Taube

Jeroen Van der Stock

Tobias Zielony

INSOMNIA deals with different levels of reality as well as the phenomenal and psychological processes associated with the night and the motif of sleep. The films portray notions of isolation and solitude, restlessness, subculture and the occult, as they question the twilight states of in-betweenness – the interstice between logic and the delusion.

A selection of films will be streamed here on our website during the month of August:

4th - 8th | "ADAPTASI CYCLE - ARCYRIA" (2021) by Mit Borrás 

9th - 13th | "After Two Hours, Ten Minutes Had Passed" (2019) by Steffen Goldkamp

14th - 18th | "Dark Matters" (2014) by Thomas Taube

19th - 23rd | "Night Horse" (2019) by Jeroen Van der Stock

24th - 28th | "Al-Akrab" (2014) by Tobias Zielony


Mit Borrás film „Adaptasi Cycle - Arcyria“ presents the futuristic fiction of M: a human with a new pro-technologic body, that lives an alternative present, connecting with her own body and nature in the synthetic realms of a modern cave, a wellness clinic and a spa. 

Like reveries and simulations of organic animals, two drones fly throughout the spa silently. Except the company of a white owl, M lives in isolation in this new cave and cultivates her body and mind daily in a methodical and ceremonial way. She trains virtuously, embodying accelerationistic fantasies that in a sense resemble a new occultism. M hydrates her body and meditates during her push-ups and stretches, mentally escaping towards extinct jungles, ruins, disappeared glaciers, waterfalls and spaces with interesting biodiversity and fertile lands. 

In a dream-like manner, the film oscillates between states physical action and mental submersion.

Exemplifying the vision of a new state of human being, in the dawn of modern society’s fantasy of its future existence, the film negotiates how modern society has elevated digitalism, technology and progress into the paradigm of evolution.

Mit Borrás. ADAPTASI CYCLE – ARCYRIA. 4K FILM. 14:45 minutes, 2021.

DIRECTED BY Mit Borrás | ART DIRECTOR Rachel Lamot | WITH Marta Casado | MUSIC Daniel Vacas Peralta | COLOR GRADE Manuel Escorihuela | BOWLS Templesounds | CHOIRS | DIDGERIDOO Musicmindmagic | PRODUCTION Mit Borrás | Paola Álvarez Filmproduktion | BIRD Emociones al Vuelo | DRONE Yueqiang Liu Zhang | Mercado RC | MAKE UP FX | Harpo, Eloy Noguera | Ana Cuéllar | SOUND SUPERVISOR Manuel Escorihuela | PRODUCTION DESIGN Cavve Pavilion.