27. 03. – 25. 06. 2021
Carla Gannis / wwwunderkammer
Mohsen Hazrati / Redundancy Repetitions
Christopher Meerdo /


Carla Gannis | Mohsen Hazrati | Christopher Meerdo

PYLON is excited to share its collaboration with SYNTHESIS Gallery for the upcoming exhibition RECOLLECTING FUTURES, presenting works by Carla Gannis, Mohsen Hazrati and Christopher Meerdo. The multi dimensional online exhibition will launch 27th March in the synthesis gallery’s Mozilla Hubs virtual space.

The archive is an immersive environment: the sum of documentary material circulating between individual interactions, in culture, in the media; creating structures of a shared consciousness and ‘collective memory’. Methods of archiving have changed dramatically alongside accelerations of information distribution and increased storage possibilities. Collective assertions of equity have exposed problematic implicit power dynamics of archival methods, highlighting who has designated what we collectively remember.

Inhabiting an interactive multidimensional space, RECOLLECTING FUTURES presents three contemporary artistic perspectives on how we store, evaluate and share information and memories, and how archives will be structured in our future of mixed realities.

Is every random bit and piece of digitized information, shared online libraries, social media platforms and our multimedia-pervaded life automatically contributing to a global internet archive, creating a massive indiscernible/latent collective memory? How will the future derive meaning and memory from this plethora? Considering the consequences of endlessly feeding the algorithm with personal, factual, and sometimes false information, RECOLLECTING FUTURES interrogates the methods and structures of how we archive and access information.

The artistic positions of the exhibition implicate questions of what and why something is preserved. Considering the agency of every participant – object or subject – within the dynamic webs of information and data exchange, the artists collectively envision new strategies for memory processing and future forms of repositories.

Every piece of information is a piece of a bigger picture – a big infinite puzzle that remains unfinished, or rather one that is constantly becoming a future to be re-collected.

Follow the link to the online venue below to enter the virtual exhibition space.

Contact us via mail for a guided tour through the exhibition.

Carla Gannis
Mohsen Hazrati
Christopher Meerdo

Carla Gannis’ wwwunderkammer positions the potential of a living dynamic and dimensional archive. Appealing to the sixteenth century “Cabinets of Curiosity” the wwwunderkammer considers the uncanny complications of grounded reality and virtual reality, nature and artifice, science and science fiction in contemporary digital culture, while building virtual worlds, founded upon de-colonizing, post-human and feminist archives.

The exhibition launches the next phase of the wwwunderkammer, with many interconnected hubs. New chambers and interviews will be published during the exhibition period.

There are seven symbolic post-human agents (avatars) who inhabit the wwwunderkammer core universe, Lady Ava Interface, a machine learning assistant to cultural institutions; Lucille Trackball, an AI stand-up comedian; C.A.R.L.A. G.A.N., Crossplatform Avatar for Recursive Life Action Generative Adversarial Networkand; Victoria, the android archivist; Moira, a sex and comfort robot; Oliver, a cyborg influencer and politician; and Tippoo's Tiger, the electronic cat meme de-colonizer. Each of these personas will be conducting interviews with (human) artists, researchers, theorists, activists, scientists and more. Each new interview, each new story is situated in custom-built wwwunder-chambers, 3D environments that respond specifically to the interviewee.