16. 02. – 16. 02. 2019
David Stichling / Estate (2019)
Juliane Henrich / koordinaten / equal area (2018)
Luis Gutiérrez Arias + John Henry Theisen / It’s Going To Be Beautiful (2018)
Alyona Larionova / Staying With The Trouble (2018)
Algorithmic Island_Teaser (2018) / Tekla Aslanishvili
Zach Blas / Contra Internet: Jubilee 2033 (2017)


Structures of Power

How does architecture indicate power? What are the possibilities to infiltrate or overcome hierarchies? How do borders shape and define our present and future? How do structures of power shift in the course of political changes and how are they redefined by digitalization and globalization? PYLON-Lab is pleased to present a selection of international films within the framework of the screening POWER HOUSE, which deals with and negotiates the term “power”. The manifold structures of power will be questioned with regard to contemporary historical developments and socio-political conditions through different perspectives of the documentary and fictional examination of the films.

Program: “Estate” – Premiere -, Germany 2019 by David Stichling

“koordinaten / equal area”, Germany 2018, by Juliane Henrich

“It’s Going To Be Beautiful”, Mexico/USA 2018, by Luis Gutiérrez Arias + John Henry Theisen

“Staying With The Trouble”, UK 2018, by Alyona Larionova

"Algorithmic Island_Teaser”, Georgia/Germany, 2018, by Tekla Aslanishvili

“Contra Internet: Jubilee 2033”, USA/UK, 2017, by Zach Blas

Doors will open at 5:30 pm, screening starts at 6:00 pm. Entry is free.

David Stichling
Juliane Henrich
Luis Gutiérrez Arias + John Henry Theisen
Alyona Larionova
Algorithmic Island_Teaser (2018)
Zach Blas

The legal term "estate", referring to the sum of a legal person's rights, interests and entitlements to property, is a remnant of the European feudal system that divided populations into different "estates" whose political roles were closely tied to interests in land.

With the advent of powerful international trading companies in the 17th century, accompanied by libertarian political ideas, the term "property" saw a shift in meaning fom land ownership towards the broader concept of private property as commercial property. In the 19th century, the emergence of Marxist economic theory provided an influential analysis of the development and history of property formations and their relationship to a society's social order of a given period. In the beginning 21st century, central issues of political power and sovereignty, identity and participation still find their most prominent manifestations in questions of ownership and control over territory on small and large scales, and its transformation by means of spatial planning and architecture.

The film Estate explores recent and historical phenomena within our architecturally-designed habitat, aiming to dissect the social and material relations that shape living environments, as well as living environments that shape social and material relations.