Shifting Horizons - Questioning the Future
16. 05. – 25. 05. 2024
Vitória Cribb / Vigilante
Lauren Lee McCarthy / Lauren

Shifting Horizons - Questioning the Future

Vitória Cribb | Lauren Lee McCarthy

In the words of the famous computer scientist and futurist Ray Kurzweil, “Technology is evolving exponentially, and it is up to us to ensure that it is used for the benefit of humanity.”

The exhibition “Shifting Horizons – Questioning the Future” encourages visitors to think beyond the established boundaries and ask critical questions about the direction our digital world will take in the future.

PYLON is pleased to present a physical exhibition, featuring the thought-provoking works of Vitória Cribb and Lauren Lee McCarthy, who have created a captivating combination of digital art pieces. The exhibition is a bold invitation to explore the various dimensions of the digital future.

Vitória Cribb creates digital visual narratives and landscapes that delve into themes such as digital presence, surveillance, and the relationship between the human body and technology. Her works offer profound insights into the complex interactions between individuals and digital space. In reference to “Vigilante Extended,” her work on display at the exhibition, she asserts, “The digital world has become an integral part of our lives, and it is crucial to understand the implications of this fusion.”

Lauren Lee McCarthy focuses on the social impact of technology and automation on individuals. Through her interactive installation, she challenges visitors to contemplate their relationship with artificial intelligence and surveillance. McCarthy emphasizes that “We live in an era where technology is permeating our existence in unprecedented ways. It is crucial to recognize and question the impact of this development on our social fabric.”

The exhibition is a resounding call to action to explore the possibilities of the digital age.

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Vitória Cribb
Lauren Lee McCarthy

In her piece “Vigilante_extend” (2022), Cribb personalizes the “Vigilante” as an avatar that morphs when perceiving others through screens. The avatar is depicted as a woman surrounded by giant eyes and ears, with her own eyeball being a hollow, mirrored surface. The avatar symbolizes the impact of digital media on human consciousness, highlighting how technology has changed the way we perceive ourselves and others.

Vitória Cribb is a digital artist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cribb’s artwork reflects her inquiries and reflections on the impact of digital media on human consciousness. She explores various themes such as digital presence, surveillance, digital bodies, self- expression, and the psychological effects of the subconscious in cyberspace. In her recent works, she focuses on the immateriality of the digital realm and the impact of new visual information technologies on social behavior in contemporary society.

Cribb utilizes several digital tools, including 3D software modeling and augmented reality, to produce her artwork in the form of video essays. In her art, she analyzes topics such as surveillance and automated machine processes, while also exploring the connection between Black bodies and digital extractivism.

Cribb’s creative journey started in the late 1990s when gaming was on the rise. Her father introduced her and her sister to computer games at a young age, which sparked her creativity. During her teenage years, she found inspiration in music videos that greatly influenced her artistic interests. As someone who grew up with the internet, Cribb understands the importance of our digital footprint and being mindful of where our personal information goes. She is cautious about accepting terms and conditions that aren’t well understood and remains vigilant regarding data usage. Cribb emphasizes the significance of data privacy in the digital age.